Saey Home & Garden is a global marketeer and supplier of consumer products in 2 houseware products categories : barbecuing & heating.

Saey Home & Garden operates in 50 countries, through its national distributors and strategic partners. France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany are dealt directly by the own sales force. We supply different distribution channels including specialist outlets, mass retailers, wholesalers, mail order, promotion and incentive offices, etc…

What we do:

Saey Home & Garden develops own products and markets and distributes them through its various distribution channels. We also distribute third party products on an exclusive base.

Our vision/mission is to bring the best products to customers around the world. We are committed to quality, not only in our products, but also to the community and the environment.

We handle every facet of marketing a product : market research - conceptualisation - manufacturing - warehousing - marketing - sales - supply and after sales.

Our own brands are Flandria, barbecook® and Superia.

How we do it:

Our sales team is backed by a performing marketing support. They are in direct contact with the markets and determine the products and concepts needed by our customers.

These concepts are translated into products by the R & D team, given extensive marketing support by dedicated product managers. Production is outsourced to severely selected and quality oriented subcontractors. Our products are centrally warehoused in our modern facilities (pallet capacity : 15.000) and then sold through our own sales team or partner organisations.

Saey Home & Garden is strongly committed to safety and quality at all levels. We therefore have state of the art data processing facilities (EDI) with both our suppliers and customers. We also speak several languages and are able to handle almost all certification requirements.

Saey Home & Garden is part of the Saey group that has been succesfull since its establishment in 1907.

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